Saturday, 10 January 2015

PTS 62 + Sheila the Thief + Mordheim Terrain + Dark Elves

Sheila the Thief.
Welcome to Painting Table Saturday #62. This week I finished painting Sheila the Thief, aka Lenore from Hasslefree Miniatures. A fitting tribute to the Dungeons & Dragons 80s animated cartoon series, sculpted by the master Kev White.

My collection of painted Dark Elves continues to grow. These took a while due to experiments with lighting: the green fungus on the dungeon floor illuminates from below. Lots of washes (brown, black, green, blue, purple), drybrushing and wet upstrokes with white and fluro green. I decided to go with a purple flesh tone and blue rinse hair to create a focal point, the results of which I'm not overly satisfied with. Perhaps I will add some subtle green highlights and enhance the hue of the fungus which looks pale in this photo.

Citadel Dark Elves.

A gift from Lewis down the road, this terrain was made by our good friend Mark Vuletich for games in Mordheim. It was passed on to me in the hope it would get painted. That was a few years ago. So...

Mordheim Terrain.

I find as I grow older my eyes are not so sharp when it comes to painting facial details. I find it's best not to compare my work with others on sites like Cool Mini or Not, because let's face it: there will always be those better or worse than you! I admire the painting of others and do the best I can.

Colours matched to the D&D cartoon character.

Subtle washes and wet-brushing techniques.

So much fine detail!

And that's all for another week. Happy painting and gaming everyone. God bless you and see you next Saturday.


  1. Sheila is a pure beauty ! I can see all the work of painting ! Master work !
    congrats !

    1. Thanks Sam! Painting her was challenging and most enjoyable.

  2. I love Sheila the thief ( Lenora ) ! Great paintjob ! Fantastic !
    I try not to look at such sites. They are just meant to crush your spirit. When you post a great miniature there it will be diminished to mediocre or worse.
    It just sucks all the fun out of painting. Just do your thing and be proud ! fantastic work ! Greetings

    1. well said Mario !!
      I've missed this part of the post (cause of Sheila, maybe ? ) ..... ;)

    2. +Mario Morrhaye thanks for your kind words. Seeing a superbly painted miniature on another website doesn't bring my spirit down. It inspires me.

  3. Like the colours of the Dark Elves, very original.

    1. Thanks Jason! I was aiming for phosphorus fungi source lighting.

  4. Oh, she IS Sheila! Well done! Hmmm - I wonder if we could get Kev to do the rest of the gang?