Saturday, 31 January 2015

PTS 65 + Ninja + Norse Gods + Mustering the Troops WW100 Project

Ninja and Norse Gods!
Painting Table Saturday 65th Edition. With a new painting chair and some fresh lead on the table this week. Here are some circa 1985 Ninja from Citadel miniatures and some Norse Gods sculpted by David Soderquist at Bronze Age Miniatures, where my beloved Tharks and Thoat came from. In the background you may also spy an old Grenadier Giant Ninja!

Also, the blog for Mustering the Troops has just gone live. It is a blog designed to support a WW100 project to paint 4000 miniature figures for a Gallipoli diorama in the forthcoming Great War Exhibition in Wellington, New Zealand, which will open on Anzac Day this year and run through to Armistice Day 2018.

Kiwis Volunteer Now!
Sir Peter Jackson leads the creative team currently developing the Great War Exhibition, of which this diorama will be a part, as an official New Zealand WW100 project. Rhys Jones, keen wargamer and former Chief of the New Zealand Defence Forces, is leading this painting project. The figures have been designed by Alan and Michael Perry from Perry Miniatures in the UK.

This project offers the opportunity for Kiwi wargamers to join the thousands of other New Zealand volunteers in all sorts of projects, exhibitions and events for WW100. At the end of the exhibition this diorama will remain on public display in a museum, so will be a lasting legacy from us all.

I am looking forward to the arrival of troops and will update progress on this blog. Currently 58 days to go and 600 miniatures are in the country awaiting despatch to painters. If you are an expert painter living in New Zealand and wish to participate, register online at Mustering the Troops now!

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. This looks like a brilliant project - I wonder if someone will come up with a UK equivalent for the Somme anniversary (for example)?

    1. Around 100 kiwi painters will be participating to help create a lasting tribute to the troops (Anzacs and Turks) who fought at Gallipoli. It's certainly the most exciting painting project for me this year.