Sunday, 25 January 2015

PTS 64 + SAGA + Lord of the Rings

King Théoden, Háma and Gamling.
Painting Table Saturday 64th Edition. Back to the Lord of the Rings inspired SAGA army. King Théoden, Háma and Gamling are coming along nicely. 

Also, I am going to be painting some Turks as part of Sir Peter Jackson's (with Richard Taylor and historian Christopher Pugsley) massive Gallipoli diorama, part of the ‘New Zealand Great War Exhibition’, which will open on Anzac Day this year and run through to Armistice Day 2018. 

Rhys Jones Rhys Jones (The authentic Armchair General) put out the call to arms to paint 4000 Perry miniatures for the exhibit and I have volunteered the Tamahere Officers Club and myself as a point of contact for the Waikato region. Roly Hermans is putting together a blog site that should go live early this week. It will have club contact details from around New Zealand for those that want to participate. 

I will keep you updated on this project as it progresses.

Until then, God bless you and have a great week!

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