Saturday, 7 February 2015

PTS 66 + Citadel Ninja + Grenadier Scorpions

Painting Table Saturday 66th Edition, with some classic 80s Ninja from Citadel miniatures (and perhaps a Dixon mini too?) making it from the painting table to the gaming shelf, ready for battle. One of these required some repair. Thank goodness for my collection of plastic Lord of the Rings miniatures from Games Workshop. Many a time they have been sacrificed under the model knife so that my older models can be made whole again!

As tempting as it was to paint these ninja black, I went for the more historically accurate navy blue. The black ninja costume of modern media comes from kabuki theatre. These ninja are on a deadly night mission, otherwise they would be dressed according to their objective. I remember back in the 1980s, when playing a ninja in the Bushido RPG, the ninja was a master of disguise and would also be an ordinary peasant, soldier, etc. by the light of day. Apart from Tae Kwon Do, that's the closest I've ever come to ninjitsu.

Four of these are definitely Citadel... the other two are Dixon?

Speaking of deadly assassins, I also have a pair of Grenadier Scorpions underway. These are fantastic miniatures, which have been sitting in my unpainted lead box for thirty years!

Grenadier Scorpions.

Green stuff rocks added to the base.

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. I love the Ninjas !!
    and I will surely use the blue colour to paint some who are waiting in their dusty box since long time ago !
    Great work !

    1. Thanks Sam. I also have a dozen or more Grenadier ninja and plenty more oriental characters. These Citadel ninja are from 1985 according to the stamp. I have some great Citadel samurai also. I look forward to seeing your ninja!