Saturday, 28 February 2015

PTS 69 + Anzac Bay + Gallipoli Turks + WW100

Anzac Bay, Waihi, New Zealand.
Welcome to Painting Table Saturday #69. This week I was away for 4 days as a camp dad on my daughter's school trip to Waihi. We visited gold mines (past and present), went on walks through the native bush, rode on a circa 1905 train, enjoyed a full day of activities (including kayaking) at Anzac Bay and pitched our tents at Dickies Flat (which has an awesome water hole for swimming).

It was a great opportunity for the kids to grow more confident in their own abilities through challenges both physical and mental. It was also a very spiritual journey for me. I could happily live on camp!

Something in the water at Dickies Flat.
One of the interesting places we visited was Anzac Bay. Originally St Georges Bay, the renaming occurred on November 11 1915, around 2 months before the end of the Gallipoli campaign, making it one of the earliest commemoration sites in New Zealand.

Upon returning to the painting table, I completed the Turks for the Gallipoli diorama. These will be heading off to Wellington, in a bulletproof box with miniatures from other Waikato painters, on Tuesday. I hope to have a new batch arrive for our volunteers this week. Here is my first finished group of Turks:

A variety of colours from the guide palette, while keeping it dirty.


God bless you and have a great week!


  1. Great work on these guys Darcy! I hope to get a bit more done on my first batch this afternoon.

    1. Thanks Rodger. I may yet add some eyebrows before they go. Happy painting!