Friday, 6 March 2015

Immortals Club + Monday Game Night

Immortals Club, Hamilton, New Zealand.
Monday game night at Immortals Club in Hamilton... and what a night it was! I went down to collect painted 54mm Perry miniatures for the epic Gallipoli diorama, part of The Great War Exhibition to be unveiled on Anzac day 2015. Dave brought his Star Wars miniatures along as well, so we ended up in a battle amongst the stars against the Empire (Daniel, an expert X-wing player from the club). There was plenty of other action on the other gaming tables also, including Lord of the Rings, Warmachine, Flames of War and Warhammer. It was good to see Marti, another Tamahere dad, playing Warhammer 40k too! A fun night out and a good bunch of folks!

More troops for the Gallipoli diorama.

Daniel the dangerously awesome.

Dave sends the cavalry in my direction.

Tie Fighter Swarm!

Daniel masterfully rams his own ships... again and again.

We gave as good as we got!

Alas, we were out matched.

The Empire Strikes Back!

Well done Daniel! I certainly enjoyed your wit and tactical advice. Well worth a return visit later in the year for a rematch.

For those in the Waikato, the Immortals meets at the Hamilton Sports Fishing & Power Boating club on Grantham Street from 6:30pm every Monday night (except the last Monday of each month and public holidays).


  1. Very jealous of your roomy looking club :)