Saturday, 21 March 2015

PTS 72 + Painting Gallipoli Anzacs + WW100

Rylee (aged 5) painting a horse.
Welcome to Painting Table Saturday for edition 72. This week I began painting some 54mm Anzacs (sculptured by the Perry twins) for the Gallipoli diorama that has been making headlines recently. It was a day full of colour and wet brushes! 

After a quiet morning at the table painting with my children (Jade, Ella and Rylee), I visited my good friend Bob Grindrod from the Cambridge Wargaming Club. We enjoyed a peaceful Saturday afternoon painting and sharing wisdom.

Bob Grindrod with his grandfather's medals.
Bob and Kath were married in Gallipoli and he is the caretaker of his grandfather's WW1 medals. The Cambridge Edition will be interviewing Bobby this week about his hobby and the part he's playing in the WW100 programme, painting miniature Turks and Anzacs for Sir Peter Jackson's diorama of Chunuk Bair. 

The deadline to have all 4000 miniatures painted is approaching fast. The Great War Exhibition will open in the old Dominion Museum building in Wellington, the week before Anzac Day. This means we have one more week (including next weekend) to have all the miniatures painted, packed and off to Rhys Jones in Wellington, so that Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop can install them in the 4m by 10m diorama!

The old Dominion Museum and National War Memorial, Wellington, NZ.

Here are my efforts for this week: 

One of a boxful of 70 Turks that headed down to Wellington earlier in the week.

My first Anzacs!

Anzacs reload!

Dead Anzacs.

New Anzacs.

My last Turks and Anzacs, undercoated and ready for the brush.

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. Nice work on those Turks and Anzacs. I commend the efforts of you and your mates in this project.

    1. Thanks Dean. I'm enjoying the community of painters involved. Good people working together on an epic project.

  2. Excellent work!

    Did the Cambridge Edition do that interview in the end? If so, I can link to it from the Mustering The Troops blog.