Saturday, 14 March 2015

PTS 71 + Gallipoli Turks + WW100

Waikato Times Page 3.
Welcome to Painting Table Saturday #71. I was interviewed by the Waikato Times this week (with a video online at stuff) about painting miniatures for the Gallipoli diorama. I would like to thank the other painters around New Zealand for inspiring me with your work. I hope my humble words did you justice.

Rhys Jones graciously said of the error about his former title:
"I like my title in the written article as being a former Chief of “Defiance”. A few cabinet ministers probably thought that was true."

I would also like to thank Phil Porter from the Hamilton Immortals Miniature Wargaming Club for his help with herding the Waikato painters. We are now busy with our brushes, nearly a third of the way through painting a total of 320 troops. The last batch of miniatures received from the Perry twins includes some Anzacs in a variety of poses, our first chance to paint some kiwis and aussies. Among them are also wounded and fallen soldiers. 

This week I found myself painting while Gallipoli was on TV3. I haven't watched the series yet but took a screenshot during the last episode.
 Note the gun detail.

Dora helps keep the troops in line.

Today's front page. Tomorrow's fish & chip wrapper.

Dan, Phil and I, painting up a storm!

Coincidently, Phil Porter is the brother of Alistair Porter, a trombonist that has played in my band! You can hear him on Live at Hamilton Gardens, recorded back in 2006. A small world indeed!

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. Keep up the good work Darcy! I'm halfway through my second batch!

  2. Wishing everyone involved the best of luck. Well done to all of you.

  3. Thanks Roy! It's crunch time now. Only a couple of weeks left to paint hundreds of Turks and Anzacs,