Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dwarf Lords of Legend + Asgard Barbarians

Painting Table Saturday. 
Thanks to Nick with his challenge to paint a mini each week in 2016, my painting table is getting some attention again. This Saturday I have finished two miniatures.

The first is Angus, one of the fabled Dwarf Lords of Legend. He's one of eight Citadel miniatures, sculpted by the legendary Perry twins, Alan and Michael. I have painted them all now except The Baron and Lastro Lupintal.

Citadel Dwarf Lords of Legend.

09. King Gorrin, Slayed Gorbald the Gruesome greenskin at the battle of Drakkaz-Snor.
10. Borax Bloodaxe, amassed a fortune that required 5 vaults to store.
11. The Baron, fought against the despicable Count Horlichs of Averland.
12. Throbin Death-eye, axe polished in blood and a gaze that was said to slay with a glance.
13. Lastro Lupintal, cursed to howl at every full moon by a Norscan witch.
14. Kimril Giant Slayer, first slayer and bested the Giant twins Thunderguts and Stormbelly.
15. Uther, vowed to slay 100 Skaven every 7th day.
16. Angus, fell at Klumti Pass crushed by the bodies of his dead foes.

Angus, Dwarf Lord of Legend.

The second miniature is also a classic mid-eighties sculpt. An Asgard Barbarian, Karl Two Cuts. I have most of this Jes Goodwin collection but so far I have only painted Arflane the Archer. I have some work ahead of me! These miniatures have now been re-released by Alternate Armies, so I may pick up the few I am missing.

Jes Goodwin Barbarians.

BP1 Clonar Sternbrow
BP2 Taran Firedaughter
BP3 Kern the Reaver
BP4 Koth Beasthelm
BP5 Mad Rollo
BP6 Skegling
BP7 Arflane the Archer
BP8 Aurock Storrirkin
BP9 Skai Wolfbane
BP10 Alaric Mancleaver
BP11 Two Cuts
BP12 Haxx the Ragged

Karl Two Cuts. 

God bless you and have a great week! 

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