Saturday, 16 January 2016

Dwarf Lords of Legend + Bugman's Rangers

Dwarf Lords of Legend. 
This Painting Table Saturday I have the last two Dwarf Lords of Legend and I finished flocking Bugman's Dwarf Rangers. It's all classic eighties Citadel Miniatures this week.

Bugman's Rangers.

My original box of Bugman's Dwarf Rangers had 17 miniatures; Command, Standard Bearer, Musician and Champion models plus 13 Troopers. However, I dislike painting miniatures that are exactly the same. Because the troops were made up of only four different sculpts (head variants), I sold the remainder. I took some creative licence with the shields and livery also.

My Bugman's Dwarf Rangers box.

The back of the box tells the story of a grizzled stranger bringing a cart load of ale to the Dwarfhold Karak-Varn as a gift for the King. This was many years since the sacking of Bugman's Brewery by goblins. Joseph Bugman was a name 'half forgotten and wreathed in legend'. Upon tasting the brew, the Dwarf King recognised the Master Brewer and onetime Ranger Captain.

'Bugman's Dwarf Rangers were re-formed at Karak-Varn, and his reputation and his brewing skills brought Dwarves from miles around flocking to his banner. The expedition to reconquer and re-establish Bugman's Brewery took on the proportions of a holy war.'

As for the Dwarf Lords of Legend, I get the feeling The Baron and Lastro Lupintal are somehow connected. The former fought against a vampire and the latter was afflicted by lycanthropy. At least, that's what I made out of their one-line back story.

Lastro Lupintal.

The Baron. 

09. King Gorrin, Slayed Gorbald the Gruesome greenskin at the battle of Drakkaz-Snor.
10. Borax Bloodaxe, amassed a fortune that required 5 vaults to store.
11. The Baron, fought against the despicable Count Horlichs of Averland.
12. Throbin Death-eye, axe polished in blood and a gaze that was said to slay with a glance.
13. Lastro Lupintal, cursed to howl at every full moon by a Norscan witch.
14. Kimril Giant Slayer, first slayer and bested the Giant twins Thunderguts and Stormbelly.
15. Uther, vowed to slay 100 Skaven every 7th day.
16. Angus, fell at Klumti Pass crushed by the bodies of his dead foes.

God bless you and have some fun this week! 

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