Saturday, 1 November 2014

Painting Table Saturday + 80s Citadel Chaos Warriors + Beastmen

Lewis lent me this set of rules for Western Gunfights.
Painting Table Saturday #52. This week, a fistful of lead ready for the gaming table. Life has been insanely busy this week, so I'm surprised I found some quiet time to get the brushes out.

Two more Chaos Warriors from the pre-slotta base days of Citadel Miniatures plus a Metal Magic (80s german miniature company) knight who originally came with a incredibly large lead dragon that has was given to a friend long ago. Perhaps this is St. George? Or Siegfried? 

Also, more beastmen for the Blackhawk campaign. they may also be suitable as an alternate group of skirmishers for Saga.

The camera on my phone is terrible. I've posted hundreds of photos on this blog using it and I'm often left disappointed with the quality of the shots. It seems to suck the life right out of the miniature, leaving the colours dull and drab.

For example:

So, I decided to get the old Sony Cyber-shot 5.0 out. It's not an amazing camera by today's standards but it's far better than my phone. The results speak for themselves.

Two wow-very-rare Pre-slotta Citadel Warriors and a Metal Magic Knight.

Beastman Shaman with Waikato Chiefs Rugby supporter scarf.

More classic Beastmen. Handpainted Bugman's shield.

God bless you and have a great weekend!


  1. Great job, beautiful figures!

    1. Thanks Phil, they were a pleasure to paint.

  2. Great job & very nice miniatures ! I'm looking forward to your finished model of the female elf sorceress Alastiel. I got one too on Crisis 2014 at Antwerp.

    1. Alastriel (Reaper 02967) is certainly an excellent miniature. I've had her on the painting table for a long time now. She was blond... now a redhead... not sure if her dress will change colour but her skin will definitely be lighter as I've only used pink for a base to paint over. I'm not in a hurry. It's certainly worth taking time when painting a miniature like Alastriel.

  3. Nice work ... really liking the Metal Magic knight ;)

    1. Thanks Rom. I like the Knight too. He is obviously ready for battle, with his shield up and sword raised to smite the enemy. A spiked helm is always cool!