Monday, 3 November 2014

Star Wars X-Wing + Return of the Jedi

Dave's X-wing collection keeps growing.
Monday night, Game Night. In our previous games of Star Wars X-Wing, the Alliance has taken a hammering. Time and time again those dreaded Tie-fighters have proven their mettle in deep space combat. We played X-Wing Miniatures using the Advanced rules, including droids! This week I played the Rebels (100 pts) while Dave and Blair piloted the Empire spaceships (50 pts each).

Turn 1

Across the wide ever-expanding vista of the galaxy, the silent screaming of thrusters brings the sworn enemies into range. 

Turn 2

Tie 31 cuts off the Imperial Guard who still manages to fire at X-wing 3, destroying it's shields.

The Tempest Squadron pilot in a Tie-advanced hits the other X-wing (19). X-wing 3 fires at a Tie-fighter and misses but the B-wing hits with an Ion Cannon. Then X-wing 19 hits a Tie-Fighter for 2 damage. 

The Y-wing flies through the midst of the fire fight unscathed. Tie-fighter 10 misses X-wing 3. Tie fighter 33 takes the last of the shield power from X-wing 19 with a direct hit.

Turn 3

Evasive maneuvers! This fight is cray cray. The B-wing crits Tie-fighter 31 while X-wing 19 wipes out the shields on the Tie-advanced. 

Tie-fighter 10 critically hits X-wing 3, breaching it's hull.

Turn 4

More stress maneuvers as the Tie Interceptor continues to tailgate the Tie-fighters, then takes 3 shields off the B-wing. Perhaps this is a strategy on Blair's part?

X-wing 19 takes out the Ionised Advanced Tie! The Y-wing Ion blasts Tie-fighter 33 to smithereens!

Tie-fighter 10 misses X-wing 3 as 31 is fixing his guns but flying off in the wrong direction. Tie-fighter 11 misses X-wing 19.

Turn 5

The wasp-like Interceptor royally smites X-wing 3. The ugly duckling B-wing blasts Tie-fighter 31 into space-dust.

This is where we ended the game, with an even number of craft on both sides. My droids were obviously ready to repair shields and although Dave had suffered the most, Blair was still flying strong with an Interceptor. I had superior firepower remaining with the Ion canons on my B-wing and Y-wing. From experience we know that it could still have gone either way. We called it a tie! 

It was an evening of superb piloting and good humour.

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