Saturday, 29 November 2014

Painting Table Saturday + Alastriel + Eowyn

Alastriel the Elven Spellsword.
Painting Table Saturday #56. Finally, as a request for +Mario Morrhaye (painter of dwarves!), here is Alastriel (Reaper 02967). I've had her on the painting table for a long time... and I hope it's been worth the wait. She was blond, then a redhead and now strawberry blond.

Cloaked in green and blue with yellow Object Source Lighting from her staff, her skin was pink at first with alabaster overcoats and finally the yellow glaze on her staff-lit areas. The yellow glaze was also applied to the stepping stones. On closer inspection you may notice her eyes are brown, with blue eyeliner and ruby red lips. 

This week I'm also painting my (Lord of the Rings) Hearth Guard for SAGA. Note that Eowyn is almost finished and I broke Gamelin's sword. Gah! That was upsetting. I will do my best to fix that.

I expect to have these on the table by next PTS, depending on my workload. It's the busy end of the year, or as we say here, the 'silly season'. Christmas is coming!

More Alastriel goodness:

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. Fantastic job on Alastriel ! I love the hair ! Any tips perhaps ? Those LoTR figures look great ! I also love your entry Boromir at the FotM Painting challenge ! Thanks for the link :) ! Greetings

    1. Thanks Mario. I hope to finish the Rohirrim soon for a game of SAGA. I also hope to do well in the FotM Painting challenge. We shall see!

  2. Lovely colors on a beautiful figure. God Bless you too!

    1. Thank you Dean. Your painted knights are inspirational.

  3. Wonderfull painted figure Darcy! Really the colours that you have used!