Friday, 5 December 2014

Blackhawk Campaign +

It's been a few months since I've shared any news on the Blackhawk campaign. That's not because we've stopped playing D&D or that the nights of gaming haven't been memorable. I've found that the sessions have been enjoyable and rewarding for me as a DM. It's most likely that I don't want to give away too much information to the players through this blog. Each time we play, so many new ideas come through improvisation, that it's worth sharing some of them - even if they aren't going to bear fruit.

This post is also in memory of Father Jack, who was torn apart by angry beastmen in the Dark Forest. Alas, he was wounded beyond the healing skills of Helgon. However, that tragic tale will wait for a later post...

The Covenant continues to flourish, although some weaknesses are now apparent. Their island fortress* requires supplies by boat, which went missing and prompted direct action. That night's game had so many potential plot hooks. A few weeks had passed since the return from the ruins of Blackhawk. The treasures were divided between the party and those not researching new spells or studying magical items, were hard at work spending their gold in Shallowater. 

Then the latest boat of supplies failed to arrive. Including the beer. Saunders and Helgon the dwarf were the first to raise the alarm. Two days overdue, it was going to be roasted onion for dinner unless they solved the case of the missing boat and crew.

A dozen of them set out from Sorcerers Isle, split into the remaining two boats. Saunders rowing one, with Vito, Father Jack, Nextor, Helgon and Arian. The other had Friar Nip at the oar, with Nick, Sebastian, Bill, Brodo Faggins and Niel.

Halfway to shore there was a splash as Niel entered the lake. One moment he was moaning about his missing lentils, next minute he was thrown down over the side by a shot to the head. His companions barely noticed until the next volley. Pfffft.

The Blackhawk campaign continues, with dramatic flair and weird happenings. A firm believer that the people make the game worth playing, I am constantly inspired by the way this group works together. The quality of a roleplaying game depends upon the people at the table. The improvisational skills and shrewd tactical choices made by the players often push my abilities as a DM to the limit. Rather than write a blow by blow account of each evening, I've decided henceforth to highlight characters the players have met, environs explored, or local rumours that may be investigated.

*Sorcerers Isle. The black heart of the campaign and home to a ragtag bunch of misfits who would be masters of magic. The Island is located in a lake. On the farthest shore lies Shallowater, in the shadow of the cliffs of doom, beneath the once great city of Blackhawk. This large town is the last desperate hope for civilisation in the wilderness called the Dark Forest.

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