Sunday, 21 December 2014

SAGA + Lord of the Rings + Warhammer Fantasy Battle

This was a four player game of SAGA and my first introduction to what I would describe as a fun skirmish tactical battle rules set for dark ages warfare.

Adding to the fun, we gave it a fantasy twist. Instead of Normans, Anglo-Danes and Vikings... the miniatures were Orcs, Chaos Warriors & Beastmen, Celts and a selection of Lord of the Rings (Grey Company, Dwarves, Elves and Riders of Rohan) from my collection.

A few lessons were learnt. Because we were all keen to use our dice, attacking the player on your left was a good idea. Blair was last each round and won with his Viking Chaos Beastmen. My LotR Anglo-Danes held up well against attacks from Lewis and his archers and cavalry. Thanks mainly to my use of the shield wall.

In the end it came down to Greg's Orc raiders and the Beastmen, with the warlord of each force locked in epic mortal combat. Blair's Chaos Champion took the Orc head and raised it high, issuing a challenge to Gandalf the Grey.

Against my better judgement but egged on by the defeated Lewis and Greg, I force marched my leader halfway across the battlefield to die ignominiously and hand victory to Blair. Poor Gandalf!

An excellent game with many glorious last ditch charges, howls of anguish and laughter and splintered shields!

Perhaps next time I will field Gandalf the White.

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  1. Looks like you have had a great game ! With awesome figures !
    I'm sad that Gandalf was defeated ...
    Merry Christmas