Saturday, 13 December 2014

Painting Table Saturday 58 + SAGA + Vikings + LoTR Hearthguard + Dark Elves + Beastmen

A Classic 80s Citadel Viking Warrior.
Painting Table Saturday #58. Christmas is nigh! With a variety of shows and pageants to celebrate the season, the calendar has been rather full. 

My Lord of the Rings inspired SAGA army continues to grow, as I paint Háma, King Théoden and Gamling. I also have the odd classic Viking from Citadel miniatures. Some Dark Elves have also snuck onto my painting table. Obviously not the kind that are busy making toys for Santa!

A couple of Beastmen are nearly finished and I've flocked the bases on a few miniatures that I'll post photos of next week. Also, a shout out to +Mario Morrhaye for his amazing Alastriel (Reaper 02967) miniature. Superb!

Háma, King Théoden and Gamling.

Added Shield Boss with Green Stuff.

Classic Citadel Dark Elves. Not the ones that help Santa!

Beastman Champion and Warrior.

God bless you and have a great week!

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