Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Petty Gods Artwork + Verlore + Petty God of the Lost

Velore, Petty God of the lost.
Here is my latest artwork for the Petty Gods project.

petty god of lost people and lost things

Verlore is a minor deity who deals with the lost, be they people or things. Though a very minor power, his influence on dungeon explorers and his nature is such that he’s placated with offerings at crossroads or cast overboard on boats. Verlore’s appearance varies but often manifests as a human male with a worn-looking staff, often a beggar or traveller. He will often be seen walking with the calm surety of someone who appears to know exactly where he’s going (which is untrue) or resting on a broken signpost or milestone.

Thanks to Richard LeBlanc at New Big Dragon for keeping this project alive and kicking.

I was surprised to get this commission for Petty Gods because my good friend +Rom Brown had already drawn (masterfully, I might add) another minor deity of the lost, Feloren, Astrayed Patron of the Lost and The Idol of Misdirection. However, +Richard LeBlanc cleared this up for me:

Superb artwork by Rom Brown.
"Because a lot of people submitted similar, but slightly different listings, +Greg Gorgonmilk  suggested we make them "competing" gods. For example, there are several gods of darkness or underground passages. It's not unlike the Romans adapting the greek gods and making their own versions. Or different mythologies all having gods of love, war, mischief, etc."

+Jens D. (The Disorientated Ranger) submitted Feloren "...a lost god, only worshipped by a very small congregate of daoist cultists that describe him as The-One-That-Is-Lost-But-Everywhere and apply a twisted logic to explain how he exists because he doesn't (or the other way around). Just like the wrong path one takes still is a path nonetheless. Finding him is, paradoxically, taking a wrong turn. And being lost in a paradox, he is a lonely petty god indeed."

Despite Verlore and (the trinity of) Feloren sharing similar attributes, their powers are different and it's highly unlikely they'll ever find themselves at the same crossroads! Although, that could be an amusing encounter. 


  1. I like the drawing and the description of Verlore ! amazing !

    1. Thanks Sam. I didn't create Verlore. I was asked to draw him. Petty Gods has a lot of people contributing their talents. I'm happy to be part of the project.

  2. Cool! I really like the idea of competing petty gods. It's a nice coincidence that Feloren and Verlore are that close to each other (mine was an abstraction of the German "verloren", which means "lost" and the same seems to be true for Verlore). Really fitting, since they cover very similar aspects. I like it. And I love your illustration, too! I agree, it would make for a very amusing encounter.

    Also a big thanks to Rom Brown. Made me so happy to see that illustration of Feloren. Great stuff!

    1. Thank you Mr D. I studied German as a teenager. However, I didn't create or name Verlore. I enjoyed drawing him though. Rom did a fantastic job of illustrating Feloren. I love that beard.