Saturday, 8 November 2014

Painting Table Saturday + Wargaming Terrain + Heroic Miniatures

Painting Table Saturday #53. This week I didn't buy miniatures from the Red Box Games Heroic Miniatures Kickstarter. Why I hear you ask?

Well it has nothing to do with the quality of the miniatures. Tre Manor is one of the most talented sculptors out there at the moment and I've admired his Fantasy Dwarves at Hasslefree Miniatures (the home of the amazing Kev White).

Alas, I have far too many unpainted miniatures waiting for the loving brush. However, in 2015 I will make an order. Those Njorn and Aenglish on the kickstarter are superb. Hopefully they will make their way to his website stock once the kickstarter orders are fulfilled.

Anyway, what did I paint this week? More terrain! You may also be happy to know that I'm going to take more photos with my digital camera as my smartphone really doesn't cut the mustard.

Photo taken with my smartphone.

Photo taken with my digital camera.
Here is some more of my simple terrain made from regular packing polystyrene. Stone circles come in all shapes and sizes. I decided to use some real stones that were scattered through the wood chips at the children's playground; thereby making the playground safer and gaining suitable rocks for my own Stonehenge.

Stones collected from amongst the wood chips at a playground.

Sandpit sand glued to bases with PVA.

Acrylic paint undercoat in grey and brown.

Drybrushing in light grey/white.

PVA applied liberally and randomly.

Various types of flock sprinkled over the PVA.

Trees glued to terrain with Araldite.
Here are some photos on the Sony digital camera, experimenting with flash and micro.

Rylee and Ella joined me at the painting table this week.
They both like horses and cowboys.

Next week... I hopefully... complete this for The Fellowship of the Miniatures' Painting Challenge 2014: 'Lord of the Rings Single Hero Model'. The deadline is November 27th.

Boromir, High Warden of the White Tower.

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. Great looking terrain ! I'm still looking forward to the finished Elf sorceress. I've bought her myself and will be painting her soon. I'm also looking forward to your entry of The Fellowship of the Miniatures' Painting Challenge 2014: 'Lord of the Rings Single Hero Model'. Can't wait to see it. Greetings

    1. Thanks Mario! Yes, those are both priority figures. They'll be finished by the end of November.

  2. Really nice looking terrain and miniatures.

    1. Thank you Roy. The terrain turned out really well. A good way to recycle polystyrene from furniture packing.

  3. Especially like the stone circle ~ nice greenery all 'round. ;)

    1. Thanks Rom. Making terrain could become addictive!