Saturday, 4 April 2015

PTS 74 + Reaper Griffon Knight + Roys Crest

Reaper Griffon.
Edition #74 of Painting Table Saturday and the final week of painting 54mm Anzacs & Turks (sculptured by the Perry twins) for Sir Peter Jackson's Gallipoli diorama that will feature in The Great War Exhibition, opening in the old Dominion Museum building in Wellington, the week before Anzac Day.

To check out the project from a Waikato perspective click the Gallipoli WW100 link on the right.

Now that I have completed my mission and sent all the miniatures to Wellington for installation, I really need to book flights for my family to go and see the diorama in all it's 10m by 4m glory.

The jar lid base proves useful.
Meanwhile I'm back at the painting table with a Reaper Miniatures knight and griffon. Both of these were purchased separately from Trade Me. After deciding to paint the griffon as a gift for my drummer Justin Roys, I got the idea to include the knight which also has a griffon crest. Together they look magnificent.

Leaving room for the knight.
I'm not an expert on heraldry. Justin had mentioned his family crest only once, when he spotted another griffon painted by Bobby Grindrod on my shelf in the man shed. So when it comes to the colours I am using my own imagination. Justin is a blue eyed blonde kiwi of Irish Catholic descent. The surname Roy belonged to families from the ancient Scottish kingdom of Dalriada, known for their red hair.

A bold knight for Justin Roys.
Thus I chose blue, red and gold for the knight. They stand out brilliantly against the huge griffon and are bold primary colours.

I hope to have the griffon and griffon knight ready to give to Justin when I see him at our next gig, on Anzac day.

God bless you and have a great Easter holidays.


  1. They are very impressive Darcy! Great painting. Have a fantastic Easter!

    1. Thanks Rodger. They will look even better together when I am done. Enjoy your Easter also.

  2. Great job, always love Griffons, and this one is splendid!

    1. Merci Phil. This one will be a very special gift.

  3. It's a magnificent work !!
    the Griffon is impressive and the Knight is beautiful !

    1. Thanks Sam. The best is yet to come. I finished painting them both today and will post photos soon.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Herman. How are your days with the Perry twins going?