Saturday, 18 April 2015

PTS 76 + Morgul Orcs + Lord of the Rings Battle Game

Note the classic circa 1985 Citadel Chaos Knight.
Edition #76 of Painting Table Saturday with not a lot of painting. Mostly basing, as I gather a regiment of Orcs for Lord of the Rings battle games. A recent game with Dave brought up an interesting dilema. I have plenty of dwarves, rangers, elves, etc.

However, when it comes to authentic Lord of the Rings miniatures, I have no orcs! None painted for tabletop play that is. Another case of buying plastic miniatures and not being inspired to paint them! I am so into metal. I like the heft.

So to remedy the situation, this week I weighted 25 magnetic bases with standard washers and began assembly. Each required some super glue and delicate application of sand and stone. A few hours work, well worth the effort. 

A regimemt of plastic Morgul Orcs.

With a metal captain.

After another spray coat, brush work begins.

I endeavour to have these completed for the next game in a week or so. They are superbly sculpted miniatures that deserve a fine paint job and the washer adds the heft I desire.

God bless you and enjoy your week!

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