Friday, 10 April 2015

Shadow Battalion + Anzac Spirit

The ANZ and RSA is honouring a century of the Anzac spirit through an innovative online remembrance project, aiming at engaging young Kiwis in New Zealand’s World War One commemorations.

Enter the site:

Through the Shadow Battalion site, you can choose to stand for and remember a WWI Anzac. Using information from the Cenotaph Database, the site will suggest an Anzac, or you can search for one by name to find your forbears or others who are important to you.

Once you choose to honour an Anzac, your name and the Anzac you’ve chosen to remember forms part of an online ‘Shadow Battalion‘ gallery. You can share this through social media to encourage others to take part. At the end of your online journey you’ll have the opportunity to further support remembrance by finding your local Anzac Day service on theRSA site, or making a donation to the RSA online.

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