Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Final Countdown + Bobby Grindrod + The Great War Exhibition + WW100

Bobby Grindrod in the Cambridge Edition.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, my good friend Bobby Grindrod from the Cambridge Wargaming Club was interviewed about his miniature painting and personal connection to Gallipoli. That interview was published April 1st in the Cambridge Edition. Bobby has plenty of praise for Sir Peter Jackson and enthusiasm for the Chunuk Bair diorama. The attached photo has the whole story.

Monday was the deadline for the Waikato painters. As coordinator for the region, I was particularly happy to receive all the miniatures back on time. However, one volunteer returned his miniatures unpainted. Fortunately I had purchased 3 cans of Dark Earth and Dark Yellow, so it was back to cleaning, assembling, spraying and painting. Spending an afternoon at the table with Bobby last week had certainly honed my army painting skills. The best advice he gave me was whatever you do on one, you do on all of them. So choose your level of detail wisely! After a late night and early morning with the brush, the last box of Turks went south today.

The last packaging.

Wait! There's more!

The final wrap up!

Now I can finally relax and countdown the days until the opening of The Great War Exhibition. It has been an honour to be part of this project and the WW100 programme, My thanks go out to the other volunteers around the country that have inspired me with their painting and stories. You can find them through the Mustering the Troops blog. I'm still tuning in as the diorama project continues. My friend Rob in Wellington will be helping with terrain during the installation.

Thank you once again to the Waikato regiment of painters. Over 300 troops and hats making up 8 percent of the total of 4000 miniatures. A commendable effort. Here is our honour roll:

Darcy Perry
Lewis Morgan
Dave Hunter

Philip Porter
Daniel Conlon
Nick Jebson.
Julia Jeanplong
Geoff Holt

Timothy Lind

Bobby Grindrod

...and my daughters, Jade, Ella and Rylee all put paint to brush, helping dad meet the deadline.

Have an awesome Easter holidays and God bless you all.


  1. Well done Darcy! Have a great Easter!

    1. Thanks Rodger. All the best to you and your family over Easter.

  2. Congrats on this fine endeavor!

    1. Thank you Dean. I'm glad to be a part of it.