Sunday, 16 March 2014

Grenadier Bugbears + 1980's Classic Miniatures

At last! I have finished painting these classic Grenadier Bugbears. I bought these in the 1980's and though they deserved a new paint job.


Plenty of grit and texture on these fellows.

Slime covered dungeon stonework - a new technique for me.

Weathered shields and battered equipment taken from dead adventurers.

Often overlooked as a foe, Bugbears are classic D&D cannon fodder. Tough, nasty and clever, these make an excellent alternative to Orcs on the random wandering monster table. I tend to run them as barbaric beastmen. 


  1. The slimy flagstones turned out nicely. Can't say I've run many bugbear battles. The bugbears surprise power made them particularly brutal. When it comes to multi HD foes I prefer Gnolls, can't really explain why. Sneaky murderers vs cowardly slavers. They both fill a niche.

    1. I've always liked Kobolds. Easily underestimated and they make great minions. I must admit though, Orcs are often the main inhabitants of my dungeons. I have noticed that lately it's Ratmen that are the other standard wandering monster on the first few levels.