Saturday, 29 March 2014

Painting Table Saturday 21 + RIP David Trampier

AD&D Cover Art by David A. Trampier
A sad week for D&D fans as we mourn for David Trampier. His art defined old school D&D for me and millions of other gamers. I spent some time rereading old Wormy and flicking through some books on the shelf, taking in the beauty of D.A.T.'s art. I am fairly certain that his black and white drawings of monsters and mayhem are etched into my subconscious!

After some quiet contemplation I decided to dedicate my Saturday painting to him. God bless you David. Rest in peace.

So, here is Painting Table #21. I managed to complete some Grenadier miniatures that have been on the table for a long time. I also completed a Dwarf Lord of Legend and an Elf Lord that was a birthday present from two years ago.

Please forgive my amateur photography. Thanks again to Sofie.

Some new miniatures! The centaur on the right is going to be fun to paint!

Rylee, my four year old daughter, painting Bill the Pony.

Finishing touches on some patient miniatures.

Another Dwarf Lord of Legend! The Elf Lord is amazing.

Resplendent in purple cloaks.

Fight on!

Cyclops, Martian and Efreeti. Actually, I think the Martian is from a box of Grenadier Demons.

Experimenting with new flocking for the bases.

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  1. Sad to hear of Tramper's passing. That image you put up from the Player's handbook took me right back to my late teens. Rest in peace indeed.
    Some lovely artwork there and a lovely assistant. I liked the blood on the dwarf's sword, very dramatic.