Monday, 17 March 2014

Tharks + Darkest Africa

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style with a green theme. My Tharks versus Phil's Ivory Hunters in a game resembling Space 1889. It's always a fun game when Lewis is referee!

Deep in the jungle of darkest Africa.

Ivory hunters.

The baby elephant walks.

Bunta the scout triggers an ambush.

Thark attack!


Fire, fire!

Stand and deliver!

Bad luck! Phil rolled a dozen and only scored two hits.



Move in for the kill.

Forward men!


Thoat riding Jeddak!

A stomping good time!

Those not trampled underfoot are taken hostage.



After them! To the caves!

Head collection for Thark tusks.

Time to depart.


A disturbance in the force. My nemesis is near!

Where did they go?

Follow the leader.

Out of range!

What's he doing in those caves?

Who me? Nothing of importance, I assure you.

I smell trouble. Time to depart this horrid place.

Magnetic base and special box design make for safe transport.

The beginning of a campaign?

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