Saturday, 15 March 2014

Painting Table Saturday 19 + Grenadier Elementals

What's it all about? Paint Table Saturday is a weekly recurring event organised by Sofie Vandersmissen which everyone can be a part of. The idea is to share with other people what you are painting on Saturday.

How can you participate? If you want to participate and show your paint table to the world, you can post the link of your blog post in a comment at Sofie's blog and/or you can post some pictures in the Paint Table Saturday community!

So... what do I have today?

These Bugbears have been on the table for three weeks now!

A few more characters that have also been languishing in limbo.

Aha! The Water and Air Elementals get some attention.

More Bugbear love. Bases are swampy.

Here are the 1980's Grenadier Elementals. Finally! All four of them. I painted the water one last and mixed four different blue/green colours, with white caps and plenty of washes before I was satisfied with her.

Each elemental also has a different basing technique. Earth used bark, sand for Air, putty for Fire and a gooey putty for water. The bases themselves are actually old Pizza Hut protectors (they keep the cardboard lid off the hot pizza topping). They're plastic, 40mm diameter and only require removing the 3 legs to be recycled for basing miniatures. I often wonder: were they designed by a wargamer?

Grenadier Elementals: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Each base required a different technique.

The flash does not do the colour blending any justice.

The bases are actually old Pizza Hut protectors: were they designed by a wargamer?

Another spill! Good Lord, I do not like these Vallejo paint pots. I managed to salvage some of the brown...

...and apply it to miniatures close at hand, like Radaghast the Brown!

A Cyclops (Grenadier 1985) makes an appearance.
That's all for this weekend. Thanks and blessings to all the miniature painters out there. God bless you Sofie!

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