Friday, 19 September 2014

Beneath Blackhawk

Monday night, Game Night.
As the party left the relative safety of the woods, the streets of Blackhawk lay before them, bitter and twisted in the dying light. Beyond the outer wall they could see their destination. A crumbling wizards tower.

Treading warily along the battered cobblestones they entered the city. It's ramshackle ruined buildings leaning menacingly overhead. Shapes moved in the shadows, always at the edge of vision, disappearing when eyes looked towards them. A roof tile shattered in a nearby alley. They were not alone.

Feeling vulnerable, the players decided that heading straight for the tower was a bad idea. Instead they had their characters look for a sturdy house in which to take refuge. They soon found one, although the door was locked. Vito was given the task of checking the door and on closer inspection discovered a trap (01)! Pocketing the dagger that would have disemboweled him, he pushed the door open.

Father Jack, Vito, Helgor, Saunders and Nextor.
Inside was a treasure trove, obviously collected from around the city. The room also held a hostage, bound and gagged, dumped amongst the rubble. By her raiment, a Sister of Mercy. Saunders untied her, while Father Jack ministered to her wounds. Magda introduced herself and promptly dug out her beloved pair of warhammers from a pile of weapons and armour. 

Looking for exits, Vito spied a ladder and a trapdoor in the ceiling. Up he went as the others barred the front door with heavy trunks. Poking his head out on the next level, an arrow takes a piece of Vito's ear and sends him rapidly down the ladder, which falls with him.
Red, Friar Nip, Arian, Rutger, Carlsberg, Tui, Magda and Brodo.
Arrows are soon being sent into the too from above as the party desperately take cover and return fire up the opening. A lucky shot brings a goblin screaming down, crashing through a hidden trapdoor in the floor. As an axe head splinters the timber of the front door, the party descends the stairs below the broken goblin, making haste as arrows bite at their heels.

Nextor, Carlsberg, Red and Arian hold the rearguard against the goblins, as the stout hearted company investigate the passage, finding their way into a room, through a door and onto further rooms, doors and passages. Nextor and Red bring an unconscious Arian to Father Jack. Carlsberg follows soon after with a smile on his face.

Goblins! Orcs!
With the goblins no longer giving chase, the party focus on the dangers that lay ahead. They discover an underground laboratory. Two rooms adjoin this lab. A library and a bedroom. Nextor recognises the author of the volumes by his mark. Meanwhile in the bedroom Lucerne the Alchemist is awakened and starts hollering at the intruders of his inner sanctum. The irate gnome leaps from his bed, berating the party who beat a hasty retreat from his tirade.

No doubt they will meet Lucerne again, when he comes looking for his crystal ball!

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