Sunday, 14 September 2014

PTS 45 + Harald Hammerstorm + Stormtroopers + Beastmen

Harry the Hammer!
Painting Table Saturday! Some online purchases arrived in the post this week. Thanks to Dory from the Immortals gaming club, I now own half a dozen classic Games Workshop beastmen. Also, from Alan, a rare collection of Grenadier Star Wars miniatures has made their way to my table. Produced for the game by West End Games, I'll be treating them with the care they deserve.

For those who remember the days of pre-slotta Citadel Miniatures from Games Workshop. I have half a dozen knights and warriors from this era, including the legendary Harald Hammerstorm, the character on the cover of Warhammer 1st edition. I have now completed three of them!

I've finished a few Marauder Goblin wolf-riders for my good friend Lewis. He's a fan of my painted shields. I've pointed out that these could be the same goblin and wolf, at different stages of their career. Along with some cheeky monkeys, sprayed with a protective matt coat and ready for battle (or bananas).

Baaaa! Beastmen!

Fortunately I have plenty of spare bases.

Ready for cleaning and a touch of white paint.

Three (Pre-Slotta) Citadel Chaos Knights.

Classic Marauder Goblin Riders. Ready for action.

Cheeky Monkeys.

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