Friday, 26 September 2014

Blackhawk + Tower of Xenopus

Traveller: The Ultimate Funnel.
Monday night, game night. A late report on last Monday's session, which is still fresh in my mind.

"In many ways, lethality and the funnel are training wheels for new school players to learn how to ride the super-bitchin', banana-seated bicycle of doom that is old school-style gaming." ~ Adam Muszkiewicz

Although Adam is talking about Lethality vs. Character Generation in regards to the funnel mechanic of Dungeon Crawl Classics, I feel it sums up why playing with a group of experienced players who favour the early editions of RPGs is so much fun.

For example, last Monday Lewis and Greg rolled up a few characters each and joined the party without much fuss or bother and got straight into roleplaying. While they were rolling up characters, the rest of the group had exited the alchemist's laboratory to discover a fresh trail of blood from the northern passage that continued up the stairs and down the hole in the upper room. Warily testing the hole for depth with a rock, they decided not to uncoil their ropes. Heading back to the goblin vault they encounter a wizard and his henchmen (Greg's characters) and a sickly looking albino being attended by two unsavoury rogues (Lewis). 

Caution: Here Things Get Weird.

Narp's Tattoo.
It turns out the albino with the deathly pallor is barely alive. His cronies are restitching a tattooed piece of skin to his back and arguing over the needlework. Thus we are introduced to Narp in his current incarnation. 

The now sizeable party returns to the goblin vault to find the broken trapdoor replaced by two heavy chests. Some heavy lifting results in the way being cleared with Saunders and Helgor coming face to face with a goblin archer. One of Narp's men tries to parley with 'Henry' but the goblins no nothing about 'Henry' and a bloody battle ensues. One goblin escapes and another is interrogated but little information about the city and its inhabitants is discovered. The party loots the vault for equipment and leaves with two fully laden chests of coin and precious gems.

Outside it is raining heavily. Thunder and lightning only make the night more dreadful. They haul their ill-gotten gains into the street and wait in the downpour as they decide their next move. Unsure of whether to make for the Stronghold of the Sisters of Mercy, the Tower of Xenopus or the mysterious Healing Pool that they have recently heard about, a glimmer of moonlight escapes the dark clouds overhead. Sister Magda transforms into a werewolf.

Fortunately Narp speaks Wookie. After some grunts, groans and low howls, Magda bounds off towards the Healing Pool. The party watch her go and head for the Tower.

The party decides to try another house for shelter and discover the lair of some large white apes. Fortunately the noise of the storm, or the size of the party, keeps them from being followed as they bolt back out the door. 

Monster & Treasure Assortment. Never leave home without it.
Wandering the streets, the party encounters a hero named Hiro. Although they are unable to find a common tongue, he appears friendly enough and joins the party. Either that, or nobody is willing to attack Hiro because even given his outlandish appearance, he appears normal compared to certain members of the party.

Finally, they reach the Tower of Xenopus. In the distance Magda's howls have been joined by others, all wolfish. They descend the stairs. The first room is empty, with two doors east and west and a set of double doors to the north. 

After trying to open the western door marked 'THIS DOOR CANNOT BE OPENED', the party make camp. When sufficiently rested, they explore beyond the double doors and find a chest, which attacks them. They make short work of turning it into kindling.

Thus endeth the evening.

I'm enjoying playing with these guys. They are creative and humorous with a healthy dose of reckless abandon when the situation calls for it. I also like that Blair is mapping the dungeon in his own fashion and not asking for me to supply a map or handout as so many younger players would expect! Dave also brings a different boutique beer every week to sample. Could anyone ask for more?

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