Friday, 19 September 2014

The Blackhawk Campaign + A New Chapter

Pushing the boat out...
In the middle of a lake, on an old island castle ruin dominated by an eldritch tower, within a dark forest, near the laketown called Shallowater (which lies beneath the mountainous crag of the devastated city of Blackhawk), is a Covenant. A gathering of wizards of various backgrounds dwell there, protected by magics and their servants; cooks, craftsmen, hunters and warriors who would lay down their lives for the Covenant. 

There are rumours whispered in Shallowater that these strange covenfolk are members of the mythic Order of Hermes, an ancient and feared society of magi. Despite this concern, the sick and injured are sent to the misty island for healing. As for other arts practiced on that isle, what spells are cast and powers called upon, they remain a mystery. 

Thus begins a new chapter in The Blackhawk Campaign. The players introduced their characters to the world and gave it some depth, in what we jokingly called a fairy tale description. So who lives in the old wizards tower? A ragtag band of misfits and ne'er do wells by all accounts! Here are some of them:

Father Jack, a disillusioned priest and miracle worker. He is a heavy drinker and excommunicated cleric, who cannot explain why he still has the favour of his God. 

Saunders, the hired muscle with a shady past. An ex-dockhand from a distant city, he has a scrawny shadow named Vito O'Leary. A bit of a geezer, Vito comes from a wealthy crime family but has fallen on hard times and has traded fencing stolen goods for a less comfortable life in exile. This duo do as Father Jack tells them, or at least they appear to.

Nextor, a conjurer that takes the role of Covenant leader, or Dux. Resplendent in the classic robes, hat and staff of his order, he has a commanding presence. 

Helgor and Arian make a weird pair. The former is a dwarven cleric, the later an elven arcane archer. What dark past they share is never spoken of but their bond is unbreakable. 

Carlsberg is a druid, an initiate of the 1st circle. Noble of bearing, he doesn't speak much. When he does, it's usually to his raven or the bard.

Red, an elven bard as able with sword as with spell. Her songs match her beauty. Never far from her side is Tui the Ranger, an expert archer and skilled huntress. 

I began with word that magic rocks could be found in the blackened ruins on top of the mountain, remnants of the comet that destroyed that once-proud city. Without further ado, they packed bags and headed off across the lake and into the dark forest, as the mountain crag is unclimbable. With them went a few of their most trusted Redcoats; Friar Nip, Rutger and Brodo the hobbit. Three arduous days later they emerged from the woods at the edge of Blackhawk City, or at least the remains of it's outer walls.

To be continued...

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