Friday, 29 April 2016

Sculpting Fantasy Miniatures + Aleena the Cleric

Aleena the Cleric.  
Perhaps one of the most iconic non-player characters in the history of the Dungeons & Dragons game, Aleena the Cleric is doomed in the introduction adventure of the fabulous Red Box edition, as an example to players that you can't save everyone.

"To your right, sitting by the cave wall, is a beautiful woman, wearing armor like yours. She has no sword, but has a rod with a metal ball on one end; this is a weapon called a mace. A lit lantern is on the floor next to her. She seems to be meditating or praying.
You decide she might not wish to be disturbed. But as you try to quietly tiptoe past, she looks up and says:
“Greetings, friend! Looking for the goblin? You might - Oh! You are hurt! May I help?” She watches you carefully, in case you are dangerous, but seems to want to help.
You apologize for disturbing her, but you wonder what she knows about the goblin, and - most of all - how she could help you. But wait; she might be an enemy. Keeping your sword ready, you move closer. She stands, and says:
“My name is Aleena. I’m a cleric, an adventurer like yourself. I live in the town nearby, and came here seeking monsters and treasure. Do you know about clerics?"

Aleena becomes your guide and mentor in a brief dungeon adventure that ends with her falling to a glowing arrow, a spell cast by Bargel the black-robed magic-user. Yes, she dies. While you take on a mere goblin, Aleena searches out the invisible foe and is slain by Bargel.

Death happens in role-playing games. This is something I had learned (time and again) through playing Fighting Fantasy game books. The dice can be cruel. Aleena's death was different though. Perhaps because of the way it sets you up for the game. A game where like real life, people die, even the best of people. Her death is almost as sudden as her friendship.

Which now makes me think of this:
Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. Romans 5:7

Aleena saw the good in you, which is why she took on the greater foe. 

As for the sculpting I found the mace to be the challenge. You may note that it began as a near perfect sphere. Even adding the rounded spikes went well. Then disaster struck while I worked on her hood, forgetting the ball between her feet. I unconsciously flattened it with my big old thumb!

Though her mace isn't perfect, it still looks deadly! As with my previous miniature I used a button shield. I believe it fits perfectly. 

Note the perfect sphere on the Mace.

And the mace after my fat thumb squashed it.

Six miniatures in one month! God bless you and enjoy your week!