Friday, 8 April 2016

Wastelands Battle Report

Tamahere Officer's Club. 
Another Wasteland Battle Report from Lewis:

It's another fine day out here in the wastes!
Forecast is for Rad Fog with intermittent Galactic Bombardments.

This is our second game of Wasteman. It was a 4 player bloodbath that saw Bandits escaping from a crashed chopper with a GPS unit. Arrayed against them were Cybjorgs, Knights of Genetic Purity and the dreaded Hazamatadors.
Victory would go to whoever left the table with the GPS...

The Bandits got off to a cracker of a start by coping a Galactic Bombardment which killed one of their number and left the other two stunned and crippled.

Otto was the first casualty!

The Knights of Genetic Purity make their move...

The MAD cards started coming thick and fast.
As a lone bandit (Nurse Betty) made a break for the table edge she was first Mega Tornado'ed into a radpit, then abducted by aliens. Bad luck Betty!

Here is that radpit!

Quick closeup of Gina, leader of the KoGP.

Betty is close to leaving, but is ambushed by 2 gunmen and a robotic dog.

Cybjorg stalks it's prey.... ......all of who are out of range :-(

Nurse Betty is shot, stabbed and probed but remains unstoppable due to a veritable torrent of MAD cards!

Gina pumps the vending machine for more MAD cards while Grendel trots in circles.

It's always good to wear protection...

Bottle top on Gina symbolises that she's been activated.

Yep, it official. Nurse Betty is a Bad Egg.

And thanks to our guest sponsor for tonights game - Tui
Thus ends another session of Wasteman, beer was the winner on the night :-)


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    1. Thanks Ray, Lewis is running the game and it's a whole heap of fun. Mad Max meets Gamma World with some Paranoia thrown in for good measure.