Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sculpting Fantasy Miniatures + Slaine Mac Roth

Slàine Mac Roth. 
After my first sculpt (Sir Theobald) I was challenged by my youngest brother Daniel. He asked for 'Sláine', from 2000AD, which proved to be a massive sculpt (and I'm not just talking about his axe).

Humble beginnings.


Six pack abs.


Fur cloak. 


Belt and boots.

I find anything flat or straight is difficult to sculpt using Tamiya putty. To help keep his axe and sword in place I added some metal rods. The axe blade still required a few attempts. I can understand why maces and clubs are a popular choice for fantasy miniature sculptors!

First axe attempt. 

Second axe attempt.  

Third time lucky? 

Room for another weapon?

The axe turned out to be larger than expected but this is Slàine after all and I think it balances the figure well. Brainbiter certainly looks ready for action. Or as the Highlander himself might say "Kiss my axe!"

I have learnt it's better to focus on one thing at a time and not mix too much putty at once. Often I would squash detail with my fat fingers while working, so letting the putty set between sculpting sessions was also a good idea.

As this is my second sculpt, I am thinking about getting some putty more suited to fine detail. I need to track down some Sculpey or BeeSputty. Meanwhile, I may return to the painting table.

Lewis reckons I should make a whole party of miniatures. Perhaps I will have a posse for Wasteman: Yeoman before Christmas?

God bless you and have a great week.


  1. I've got a spare room at my place, if you ever feel kind a sea change your welcome to move right in....and sculpt my wish list for me :D

    Your a gun at this sculpting bizo that's for sure :)

    1. Thanks for the offer but my family may miss me. I am happy in New Zealand. Any ideas for my next sculpt?

    2. Well.....seeing as your asking :)

      Are you familiar with "The Wolf Time" scenario in "The book of the Astronomican"? It's an old Rogue Trader book. Anyway, there's an Ork character in there that never got made in miniature. He's called Governor Kulo and he's an incredibly obese Ork. I've been trying to find a suitable candidate to use as a proxy for him, but to no avail. There either very fat AND muscular....not just fat.

      Anyway, he's on the top of my wish list ATM. Whatever you produce next will be great, your really kicking goals with your sculpting work.

      Cheers :)

    3. So you want an obese ork? Governor Kulo. Do you have a picture of him?

  2. Man that is awesome, you got some skills there fella

    1. Thanks again for your kind words. I am surprising myself with this new skill.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Roy, it's highly enjoyable to see a creation come alive as I work with the putty.

  4. Just too cool for words!
    I'd love to see the sculpting tools you've been pushing that putty about with ;p

    1. Thanks Rom! My main tool is a metal rod with a pointy end, like a toothpick.

  5. you must make thrud the barbarian,i will pay handsomly for your interpretation