Friday, 29 April 2016

Sculpting Fantasy Miniatures + Wizard Star Hat University

Fly you fools!
Part of the joy of belonging to a gaming group is the creativity that comes from sharing time together in world's where the only limit is your imagination. Such as this Wizard of Star Hat University, or *^U, a character that came from our D&D sessions. Grant Stone liked the star I had painted on a wizard's hat and that began the back storyline of where wizards get their qualifications.

I would say that I could have been smoother with the folds of the robes and cloak. However, this does give him a road worn look; a traveller of paths seldom tread. The backpack and scroll were inspired by an old Citadel miniature I have. There is a touch of Terry Pratchett's Rincewind, Gandalf the Grey and Merlin. Quite the blend!

Tamiya Epoxy Putty

So that makes four miniatures. I may need to come up with a name for this enterprise. Perry Miniatures is already taken!

Have an awesome weekend and God bless you and your endeavors this coming week.