Friday, 4 July 2014

One Page Dungeon Compendium 2014

So, it has come to pass that the 110 entries of the One Page Dungeon Contest have been compiled into a mighty compendium. Lo! Here it is, the 2014 edition, compiled by Random Wizard.

Included in this volume is my humble (and hasty) entry. I liked the idea of entering a dungeon I had recently created for the Blackhawk campaign. In fact, I used the experience of running a Dungeons & Dragons tournament adventure at the New Zealand Festival of MindSports as inspiration. I ran an afternoon session each day, with a dozen players on Saturday and eighteen on Sunday. There was some good stuff that didn't make the one page entry, such as man-eating chests, an inter-dimensional gate and the initial sneaky orc ambush.

Beneath Castle Blackhawk.
The one thing I got from looking at the other entries is just how big D&D is when it comes to creativity and diversity. The variety of dungeons is immense. It's well worth a perusal, for the wealth of ideas alone. Some are just so darn pretty too!

This is my entry. It was a last minute effort but it has a certain charm. I will definitely enter again next year.

Anyone else out there up for the #1pdc challenge? You may want to start preparing early for 2015. The information you need to know is on this page.

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