Sunday, 6 July 2014

Painting Table Saturday 35 + Grenadier Wizard + Vi-Perdon

Hallelujah! It's Painting Table Saturday and that means some peace and quiet, while watching the football World Cup. Netherlands vs. Costa Rica. What a game! Extra time and a shootout. A win for the Netherlands.

I continued painting an old Citadel Fighter Lord, or Lord of Battle, Theophilus. His winged helm may have been inspired by the 4th of July. Then some snakemen distracted me. In particular, a Grenadier Vi-Perdon. It looks somewhat like a Yuan-Ti or Snake Man. The gaming group have been coming up against these lately so it was about time I painted one.

I also completed a very rare Grenadier Wizard, casting a spell. Phantasmal Force perhaps?  The grasping hand of a plastic Troll (from a D&D boardgame) replaces the long lost fist (or was it a monstrous head?), emerging from the billowing green smoke.

God bless you all and enjoy the weekend. As always, thanks to Sofie!

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