Saturday, 12 July 2014

Painting Table Saturday 36 + Hasslefree Ogre

It's Saturday... Painting Table Saturday! This week I recieved a special package from the UK. More Hasslefree miniatures! I'm a fan of Kev White's sculpting, especially his fantasy range.

Some of Kev's miniatures take me back to my early days of gaming, in the glorious 80s. One such miniature (HFM001) Mjolnir Haxelfrei, a mercenary ogre and Kev's first Hasslefree sculpt. It was bigger than I thought and required some heavy duty pinning!

This is one big miniature!

Inspired by this drawing from Dragon magazine?

The resemblance is uncanny!

Hasslefree miniatures in the front ranks.

Even the shield is pinned, through the wrist, for strength.

Almost done! Tune in again soon for some more ogre action... that shield is really going to shine!

Thanks, as always, goes to Sofie! To my fellow painters, enjoy your weekend and God bless you!

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