Wednesday, 12 February 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge + Day 12

Chris Lander at MK1: Keeping it unreal.
12. First store where you bought your gaming supplies. Does it still exist?

No. It was in Te Kuiti and is long gone. However it really wasn't a gaming store, it was just stocking the D&D rules, dice(?) and Grenadier miniatures because it was the 1980's and demand was high. The first actual gaming shop I visited was in Hamilton (Waikato, New Zealand), the nearest big town. Mark One (aka MK1), was where you went to get a healthy dose of unreality. Weird was welcome. I mean, the staff were gamers too.

They're still around but times have changed. They had everything back then. Card games, board games, comics, graphic novels, miniatures, a plethora of different RPG rule-books and so much more. Nowadays they stock the latest and best selling pop culture stuff and have even gone online with their comics but you're unlikely to find as much variety in the RPG section. Still a great shop though, where weird is still welcome. Service with a smile!

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