Saturday, 22 February 2014

Painting Table Saturday 16

Another Painting Table Saturday! Thanks to Sofie for the encouragement to post photos of unfinished miniatures from my work bench in The Man Shed. These are from my old collection of lead Grenadier miniatures. Long overdue for painting!

Grenadier Elementals: Wind, Earth, Fire & Water!

Bugbears bust in on the action.

Flame on!
As so often happens, other miniatures invade the painting desk. This usually occurs when I have some spare putty to use. Here you can see one of my tried and true techniques for dungeon stonework on the miniatures bases for the Fire Elemental and Grenadier Bugbears.


  1. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post. Those are some cool mini's, I'm very curious about the finished look!
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. Ah, I love the grenadier minis. Brings me back to the heady D&D days of the 80s.

    1. They sure were interesting times! Grenadier were the first miniatures I started painting. It's great to be able to breath new life into them with a fresh paint job. They are superb sculpts and deserve to be on the gaming table.

  3. How funny ... I was eyeing up my Grenadier Bugbears and Earth Elemental just a coupla' days back ... trying to wrangle a fresh SoBH band to bring up with me ;p