Tuesday, 4 February 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge + Day 4

4. The first dragon my character slew (or other powerful monster)?

I don't think I've played a character that slew a dragon, although I do recall one that died horribly from dragon's breath. It was a 4th level Elf called Malkraz. While investigating a castle well, he stepped onto a ledge and failed his saving throw. Ashes. It was a "gotcha" move on the DM's part. Thanks Geoff Holland!

Mr Holland (an English teacher) ran a gaming club at the high school on Sunday afternoons. It began with a dozen of us (students) playing in his dungeons. Then we began running our own groups as the numbers grew. My Elf character had come from another campaign DM'd by Steve Ganaway. However, Geoff didn't approve of one of the magic items on the character sheet, so Malkraz was toast.

That dungeon was a monster! It was an enormous dungeon, underneath castle ruins, dominated by a family of red dragons.

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