Friday, 21 February 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge + Day 21

Current Collection of RPG books.
21. First time you sold your D&D books (for whatever reason)?

Ok, the first time I gave away my entire collection of RPG books, modules, etc. was at the end of my first marriage (back in the 90's). I was leaving town and packing light, so some things just had to go. I don't know if Tom Broadhead still has the contents of those hallowed boxes but I hope they served him well. Especially the Rules Encyclopedia, which is a hot item nowadays!

As for selling D&D books, I sold the three core rulebooks for D&D 3rd edition (and let some modules go) online at very reasonable prices. The main reason? I wasn't going to use them. Hang on, what about the other books on my shelf I'm not using? Well, I guess they have a certain appeal 3rd edition didn't. I also thought, if I'm not using them to play D&D, some other folks should! I had enjoyed exploring them while running a campaign but that was when they were first released. Thus I sold them and did not shed a tear. May they bring joy to their new owner and his gaming community.

I never owned D&D 2nd edition by the way. Just thought I'd put that out there. I read the core books and many of the 'complete' *books but despite playing in 2nd edition campaigns, never felt the urge to buy them. It just felt like AD&D 1st edition with extra add-ons. Lots of extra add-ons. In fact, most of their content was viewed in the same way as Unearthed Arcana by our gaming group at the time. Let the buyer beware.

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