Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dungeons & Dragons + The New Zealand Festival of Mind Sports

Hauraki Herald, 31 January 2014.
"MindSport Festivals and Competitions are mainly held in Europe - and now - Thames on The Coromandel is championing the first of its kind in New Zealand. Along with serious competitors, the event will provide a fun environment for anyone who plays a sport of the mind to compete equally and fairly in the spirit of good will and sportsmanship."

The New Zealand Festival of MindSports! Only two weeks to go and it's game on! It feels great to be bringing Dungeons & Dragons to the massive weekend event, which will include everything from Bridge to Napoleonic wargaming. 

I'll also be bringing my blues band to rock the street party that opens the festival. Epic!

Happy birthday D&D!

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  1. Mind Sports? What a brilliant name. This festival looks awesome. Hope you have fun!