Saturday, 9 August 2014

Painting Table Saturday 40 + Cohen + Theophilus

Wow! Well done Sofie! Painting Table Saturday is has turned 40! This week I completed a couple more miniatures, making the pile of unpainted lead slightly less daunting.

Theophilus has been on the painting bench for a while... with a 4th of July inspired paint job. He's a classic 1980's Citadel Lord of Battle and given his name, I also added a cross to his shoulder plate.

Ghenghiz Cohen the Barbarian will be no stranger to fans of Terry Pratchett. This sculpt (HFH032) is by Kev White from the most excellent HassleFree. They call him Conran the Octogenarian (but still a 'lean mean fighting machine') and both are obvious echoes of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian.

Volk, Conran and a Frazetta inspired Norseman.

Conran gets his axe.

Basing Kalyna from Hasslefree.

Sudden change of plan.

ROCK added for more EPIC look.

Dejah Thoris and John Carter for upcoming action on Mars.

Conran (aka Cohen) and Theophilus.

Close up. Check out the belt buckle!

Tight hamstrings.

Without flash to show off back muscles.

To my fellow painters, enjoy your weekend and God bless you!

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