Sunday, 17 August 2014

Random #RPGaDAY + D&D 5th Edition

D&D 5e, yesterday at the neighbors.
Autocratik started this blog hop thing called #RPGaDAY. I am doing my best to finish it. Here is some more D30 randomness.

Today's lucky numbers are 5, 20, 15, 14, 12.†

20th - Will still play in 20 years time…
14th - Best Convention Purchase
12th - Old RPG you still play / read

† 5 & 15 answered in previous posts.

20th - Will still play in 20 years time…
D&D. Which will make it a 50th anniversary of playing RPGs for me. I dare not imagine what edition number D&D will sport then... Hey, I'll probably be playing it with the grandkids!

Yesterday I had my first game of the 5th edition with the neighbor and our kids. It felt very much like old AD&D with a few house rules thrown in from other RPGs I've played over the years. It's a superbly wrought edition in my opinion. You can drop anything you don't like quite easily and although it certainly has enough rules to sink a battleship, most of them are to do with 'character background' and stuff we used to make up ourselves back in the day.

I played a pre-gen Folk Hero, a cross between Aragorn and Robin Hood looking at the basic concept on the character sheet. A great starting point to begin play. I'll add all sorts of quirks as the character grows. I called him Garp the Wolfshead, both as a tribute to Robin Williams and using the old name for an outlaw, inspired by the Robin of Sherwood TV series (1984–1986, starring Michael Praed). 

14th - Best Convention Purchase
Food. It always makes for a better gaming experience. Because I'm mean when I'm hungry!

12th - Old RPG you still play / read
D&D. Well, I guess that's half of the answers thus far relating to D&D in some way. The other RPGs I own tend to be used as ideas for D&D also. Even if I'm not strictly playing D&D, I often refer to gaming night as D&D night. Because if you say you're into role-playing games, people tend to think of kinky stuff involving whips and chains. If you say 'I play D&D', they just think you're a geek.

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