Thursday, 14 August 2014

Random #RPGaDAY

Continuing the Random #RPGaDAY with my triacontagon number generator. Today's lucky numbers are 29, 22, 8, 26, and 18.†

22nd - Best Secondhand RPG Purchase
26th - Coolest Character Sheet
18th - Favourite Game System

†Answered questions are rerolled. My triacontagon is rolling high so far!

D&D World of Greyhawk + RQ Borderlands.
Best Secondhand RPG Purchase
I might be sneaky and offer a tie for 1st place. Both of these are boxed-set campaign supplements and were were bought 2nd hand online. 

Inspired by Dave Arneson's Castle Blackmoor, Gary Gygax created his own home campaign, Castle Greyhawk, which he used to continue developing the Dungeons and Dragons game. Rob Kuntz later helped expand this setting to become the (AD&D) World of Greyhawk. If I were to ever publish my own game setting (The Known World of BlackHawk), this would be the blueprint. The words 'detailed' and 'comprehensive' come to mind as I turn each page.

Borderlands is a boxed-set RuneQuest supplement published by Chaosium for the Gloranthan setting. I could've bought the fabled Trollpak at the same time but passed. An oversight perhaps, because who doesn't want to play a campaign all about Trolls? Anyway, the Borderlands is not the whole world of Glorantha in a box. Rather, it's a seven scenario campaign that introduces the players to a small region of a world just as fantastic as Greyhawk. It's chock full of great ideas and while Greyhawk offers the world, Borderlands gives you a place to start playing. Plus it has loathsome, disease-spewing Broos!

Character Sheet artwork by Zhue Bajie.
Coolest Character Sheet
The Barrowmaze Character Sheet created by Zhue Bajie. I've been doodling on (and making) character sheets for decades and I'm always turned on by artwork that draws you into the game. Barrowmaze is a classic D&D Megadungeon for  Labyrinth Lord™, which is one of the old-school-revival retro-clones of... classic D&D. The art on the character sheet lets you know you're in for an epic dungeon crawl.

Good layout, with everything you need to know about a character's attributes is certainly part of what makes a cool sheet. For me, the design elements on the page that simplify game mechanics certainly catch my eye first. For example, this character sheet for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

The coolest character sheets have more going on though. See what Last Gasp did with LotFP here. I'm not saying I'll be playing that game on the strength of the character sheet but I admire the artistry, even if I don't agree with all of the content.

Favourite Game System

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