Sunday, 31 August 2014

#RPGaDAY + Favourite Role Playing Game

The Other White Box.
As I come to the end of the month, it is time to farewell #RPGaDAY. It feels like Deja Vu, due to this Blog Hop from February. After rolling random results with a D30 for the previous two weeks, these are the lucky last questions:

13. Most memorable character death
Covered on the 40th Anniversary of D&D blog hop from earlier this year.

16. Game you wish you owned 
Purely as a fan, the original 7 books of D&D would be great. I've seen them but never owned them. I had the chance to buy the first two boxes of Warhammer Fantasy and decided not to. I now kind of regret it, even though I never played Warhammer 1st edition. I very much doubt I'd have turned down the original white box of D&D though.

Perhaps one day I will find them in a garage sale for a few bucks and grin like a cheshire cat.

Best of British D&D.
19. Favourite Published Adventure 

The Isle of Dread is incredibly versatile. It's my goto module for games on the fly. Like most of the early D&D tournament modules, you can take what you want and run with it. I've always wanted to DM Night's Dark Terror.

27. Game You'd like to see a new/improved version of 
Well, it happened already. A new edition of D&D. Unlike 4th edition, which I didn't buy into, I've been playing D&D 5e over the last month and it really is superb. We're using the adventure from the Starter Set, Lost Mine of Phandelver. The Players Handbook finally arrived in New Zealand last week and I showed it to the group at today's game. Young eyes were wide open with excitement. I think it's flimsy pages are going to take a hammering! I wrote a review on the 5th edition D&D Players Handbook here.

28. Scariest game you've played 
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I don't recall being truly scared playing an RPG but Steve Chadwick ran a spooky Warhammer campaign. Come to think of it, horror was a theme for his Dragon Warriors and GURPS campaigns as well. I played and ran Vampire in the 90s and it wasn't as scary as playing in Steve's games. 

I have scared some players silly running the old school module Tegal Manor (with D&D 3rd edition). It's all about building suspense. The thought of 'what might be about to happen at any moment' is far scarier than 'what's happening right now'. Empty tunnels with distant sounds of scraping, swarms of little furry creatures fleeing something, or the aftermath of a murder are more frightening than a room with five orcs armed with sword and shield.

30. Rarest RPG Owned
I'm not sure. Maelstrom is quite rare and I can't seem to find my copy. I also have MERP, Dragon Warriors, Tunnels and Trolls, (Advanced) Fighting Fantasy, Mordheim... and others that would be classed as rare. The oldest RPG I own is the Holmes edition (1977) of Dungeons and Dragons printed the same year as the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual, which I also have on the shelf beside it's companions; the Players Handbook (1978) and Dungeon Masters Guide (1979).

31. Favourite RPG of all time
Dungeons and Dragons.


  1. Most memorable character death - the one that sticks in my mind; We were running a new AD&D campaign... all new 1st levellers... rolling up my stats, just basic three dice roll, no frills... I had an astounding set of dice, nothing less than 15, an 18 couple of 17s too... the look on the DMs face was priceless... mine was pretty good ... I instantly picked a Paladin... of we went adventuring... cant recall the module now but we came across a room full of 'magic pools' - you know the drill, jump and and get a bonus from the magic pools... everyone was leaping in without a seconds thought, and boosts/blessings came thick and fast... except when I jumped in one... there's was a flash of silver/green under the water, a searing pain and then lots of blood in the water... where did the paladin go? Bitten in half by a giant pike... I have never felt so stupid, angry, frustrated, helpless...

    1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I feel your pain. Still, that's a spectacular death. How did the other players respond?