Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Space 1889 + Jungles of Mars

Lewis brings the rulebook: In The Heart of Africa, 2nd Edition.
Monday night, game night. A gathering of the Tamahere Officers' Club with a superb tabletop game of alien warfare with a colonial steampunk theme. Inspired by the works of Burroughs and the imagery of Space 1889, the scene was set for an extraterrestrial battle on the planet Mars. Lewis ran the game. It features some of his new (homemade) terrain and some lovely Parroom Station miniatures that he recently painted with Rob over an unseasonable rainy weekend in Wellington. It was also a great excuse to get my Tharks back on the gaming table.

Lewis would like to thank the real Colonel O'Truth for his inspirational blog.

"Again the meddling Colonial Forces on Mars try to influence the Buhtan Spice Trade. Colonel O'Truth, of the 3rd Parhoon Rifles, has recruited Thark mercenaries to aid his meagre forces in harassing the spice caravans. Instead they have become lost in the Desert after a particularly harsh sandstorm. Short on water, Colonel O'Truth's scouts have located a handy oasis. Unfortunately the forces of a local Canal Martian city have the same idea!
Whoever gains the oasis will avoid a dry and terrible fate..."

Welcome to the Jungle, on Mars.

3 of the players: Blair, Phil and Dave. Lewis in the window.

Colonel O'Truth and his Thark mercenaries.

Blue Martians, with heavy firepower...

...and cavalry!

Berserker ambush!

Taking the higher ground.


My Tharks charge at Phil's cavalry. 

And then there was one.

Against the horde!

Martian salute!

The berserkers tear into the Tharks from their right flank.

Blue Martians from above and below. 


The Oasis is still deserted.

Thark down!

Thark down!


The canon takes a direct hit...

...from Colonel O'Truth!


Conan the Martian, takes out a Thark and a Rifleman, then flees!

Take the Oasis!

Oh, maybe this was the canon destroying shot!

Things are looking grim.

Dave calls upon the ancient dice of D&D.

Moses makes for the wilderness.

Thark reinforcements arrive!

A draw!


  1. I recognizer those quality green, four-armed barbarians from BronzeAgeMiniatures...
    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I appreciate mine...

    1. I sure do! They get a lot of action:

      They were a pleasure to paint also. Here are some close up shots: